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Why should I start psychotherapy?

There are various personal reasons a person begins to work therapeutically.

The most common reasons we start searching for the suitable psychotherapeutic approach and therapist for us are:


In cases when...

  • we seek for a meaning in our lives, and we want to know more about ourselves,

  • we tend to redefine ourselves, our needs and desires, and to claim the desirable changes in our lives, on an intrapersonal, relational and/or professional level,

  • we feel mentally exhausteddepressed  or experience mood fluctuations that reduce our energy or make it difficult for us to coexist with others,

  • we experience acute stress and/or panic attacks, whether manifested under a special condition/stimulus, or occurring unexpectedly without being able to identify a specific cause or trigger,

  • we experience embarrassment, emotional distress, stress in our interaction with others (social anxiety), and we want to enhance our social skills,

  • we come up against with some difficulty, unable to overcome it by discussing about it with family and friends and/or to express ourselves honestly without the fear of criticism,

  • we are in the midst of pleasant or unpleasant life events causing us stress or mood changes, a sense of destabilization and the need to redefine our role (e.g. marriage, childbirth, relocation, loss and mourning, professional/financial difficulties, separation/divorce, health issues, retirement, etc.),

  • we face difficulties in our interpersonal relationships and we wish, alone (individual therapy) or together (pair therapy, family therapy), to work on the resolution of conflict individually or as a couple/family.


Psychotherapy is...

                                                                                                 ...a form of Self-Care.

     ...a Safe Space to explore and try out the possible changes we want to apply in our  lives. 

                           ...a Journey of Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement.


                                                                    ...a Practice on Trust  and Confidence towards Ourselves and Others.

                                                                               Investment to Ourselves.

                         Exercise to build Courage confronting ourselves and  being in deeper connection with the Other.           

                                                                                                         ...a Personal Commitment to our Needs and Wishes.

Taking care of our Mental Health should not be neglected and taken second place.

Psychotherapy is NOT a luxury, a selfish choice, or a waste of time.

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